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About BoneWare Cutlery

Ralph ADB Sharla_edited.jpg
Husband & Wife Team
created BoneWare Cutlery.
True American Quality

That guy in the picture (me), hand sculpted the original master copies of BoneWare Cutlery and used medical drawings to make sure they were accurate enough to teach anatomy! Then, had them digitally scanned to an accuracy of 1 micron (1/10,000th of an inch), into a crazy sophisticated software program. The data had to be massaged by a rocket-science level software engineer into information the Mold-Maker could use. Typically software engineers don't have a clue as to what it takes to make a mold for plastic injection molding.


I'll abbreviate what happens next because it goes down a rabbit-hole of technology and machining that I still have trouble wrapping my head around. The Mold-Maker, born in the USA, self taught, self-made millionaire, literally came from abject poverty to be one of America's best mold-makers. He decided to help my wife and I create something that had never been done before - BoneWare plastic eating utensils so accurate to human anatomy, they can be used to teach. But that's not all, we wanted to help stop the "throw-away" mentality by creating a product that was not only dishwasher safe and strong enough to cut a 2" thick steak, but also have NO toxins. That means No BPAs and NO Pthalates. This product is so good we guarantee them for life, if not heat or physically abused. Best part, they go with almost 60 different party themes. Use them over and over - that's the point! It's not cheap flimsy throw-away junk that fills the world's landfills, it's BoneWare Cutlery. We are first generation American, USMC Vet, Woman owned, extremely concerned about proper recycling. Contact us about any recycling issue - we can assist and inform!

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