Life Time Guarantee, Premium Quality, NonToxic,

Environmentally Friendly, American Made &

Real Bone Anatomy


Life Time Free Replacement Guarantee

Each piece of premium quality BoneWare Cutlery plasticware is guaranteed to be free from material and workmanship defects. The guarantee includes free shipping. Commercial use as with party planners, banquets, special events or conventions DOES NOT void the guarantee. However, like most anything, BoneWare is not indestructible. Guarantee is void if excessive heat and/or excessive force are used.



BoneWare has been dishwasher tested in the utensil basket, on the lower rack. It is safe to put in the dishwasher everyday because there are NO toxic ingredients in BoneWare. Do not use the “baby bottle sterilization” dishwasher setting. Do not leave BoneWare stuck in scalding hot, right out of the oven, foods for too long. If it will burn your mouth, it could deform BoneWare. DO NOT microwave or place in oven. 



Using excessive force that can bend regular stainless steel utensils, could also bend BoneWare Cutlery. A common strength benchmark is scooping peanut butter or ice cream with out bending or breaking, BoneWare meets this standard. Avoid using too much force, permanent stress marks may appear. This does not affect the strength or safety of BoneWare, but repeated forceful use will weaken the utensil just like any similar plasticware. 


Best Care & Handling Practices:

BoneWare Cutlery can be used like any other similar utensil, however there are physical & thermal limitations as mentioned above. Do not leave the utensils stuck in super heated foods. Use normal or low heat dishwasher settings and recommend the top rack when possible. When washing by hand, standard sponges or plastic bristled brushes are best for cleaning. Avoid scouring pads which microscopically scuff the surface which can lead to staining over a long period of time. Any plasticware is subject to staining if the surface is scuffed up. Do not leave BoneWare stuck in foods like tomato paste/sauce or foods like blueberries for more than 12 hours.

Green glow-in-the-dark BoneWare is guaranteed to glow for 3-5 years. It is an FDA approved, food grade ingredient. 


Free Replacement Guarantee Use:

In the unlikely event your BoneWare Cutlery requires replacement, email to with a description of the issue and photos. No proof of purchase necessary. We will, at our discretion, send a replacement utensil(s) via regular mail for free. If colored BoneWare, we cannot guarantee an absolutely perfect color match or even the availability, but will send a suitable replacement(s) or make other acceptable arrangements. If you need to replace a utensil and it is not covered, they are very inexpensive, just contact us at the email above.


Premium Quality, Non-Toxic, Environmentally Friendly:

1. There are no fine, razor sharp "flashing" edges on the spoon or fork, where the two halves of the injection molds come together. Flashing comes from poorly made or misaligned molds. 

2. FDA approved, non-toxic plastic is used. It has been independently lab tested to prove there are no Phthalates or BPA’s. Contact to view all the actual lab test results. 

3. BoneWare was NOT designed to be “throwaway,” it can be used daily or for parties indefinitely, if Best Care & Handling Practices are followed. BoneWare allows for less debris in landfills.


100% American Made:

BoneWare Cutlery was designed, developed and is totally made in the USA. 


Real Bone Anatomy:

Medical drawings were referenced when creating the prototypes and the finished manufactured products are within 1/100,000 of an inch of the prototypes. 


BoneWare is patent pending and a registered trademark of American Diverse Business, LLC. the makers of BoneWare Cutlery. Guarantee and policies subject change without notice. All rights reserved 2019