Black BoneWare Cutlery is a non-traditional bone color and goes well with any colored place setting or party theme. It is a unique, cool and fun way to enhance more than 50 party themes or events that will actually save you money & help our environment at the same time. (select the 50+ Party Themes tab to learn more) Dishwasher safe so they can be used at every meal, all year long! UL tested safe & strong, (Look to the right for more info).

Black - Service for 8 people (24pcs) Forks, Spoons, Knives

  • We went the extra mile and independently tested both the raw material and finished product by a certified Underwiters Laboratory testing facility to  verify BoneWare (BW) Cutlery has no BPAs or Phthalates. The plastic is food grade. Also, comparative strength test were done that showed BW was 6 times stronger than regular plasticware. See Guarantee tab for more info.